Photoshop 教學 | 如何建立 3D 彈出效果

如需更多免費 Photoshop 教學課程,請造訪:無論您稱之為 3D 操作還是 3D 照片效果,有一點是肯定的,原始圖片非常可愛。 我真的很喜歡那張圖片,並且認為將其包含在教程中會很棒。 但正如我在影片中提到的,如果您想要舞者圖片的教程,請告訴我。 我認為操縱結果也相當不錯。 實際效果很簡單,只要找到正確的圖片並適當調整視角即可。 這就是一切。 只有當您正確完成了效果的基礎知識後,色彩校正和照明才會起作用。 所以,我希望您在觀看此影片時度過一段愉快的時光,如果您創建了此效果,請在我的Video teaching 頁面上發送一張圖片,我會很樂意審核它:) —— ———- —————————————- ———- —————– 背景音樂來自: 訂閱: Video teaching: ————— ———- —————————————- ———- ——– 給設計師和內容創作者的建議► ✌️免費試用Photoshop: 🖊️ 初學者繪圖板: 🎙️ 我使用的麥克風: 💻我現在使用的筆記型電腦: 🐭我推薦的滑鼠: 🎧我使用的耳機: 🖼️優質優質庫存圖片:—————————– ————————— ———————– —————- 下載圖片►
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Photoshop 教學 | 如何建立 3D 彈出效果” 的43側評論

  1. Kunal Korgaonkar 回覆

    Thank you for this video! You’re a great teachers!
    I love that you go step by step & say what you’re doing.
    I am a learner & definitely helping me learn
    while selecting the background layer & right click for rasterize layer but its not getting active, please help me in this & would love to see the tutorial on the ballet dancer on the phone.

  2. Mohit Chadha 回覆

    Hi .. it's not about this image merging and effects .. If U watch u would be able to lean many many more things on every layer .. this very easily teaches with us for so so f**** many things / tricks ..
    Must watch for everyone try this one as it is ..
    Then try for another mobile n another animal ..
    Also .. If u have older free version of Photoshop like me.. u can still do it

  3. Awe some 回覆

    Really good video. Covers many tools and a very clear explaination stages.

    Id like to add and say that when you do a cast shadow you might wanna use iris blur to create sharper shadow near the source and make it slowly fade away.

    Also add another layer above the shadow layer. Clip it to the shadow layer
    Change blend mod to multiply use a darker color from the shadows.
    And paint with a soft round brush near the legs to create ambient occlusion.
    Expirment a bit with the opacity until it looks good.
    This gives the shadow even more realism.

    One last thing you couldve added a touch of green to the blacks (mask it with soft brush if needed) to add some bounce light from the green grass.

    Very well done thanks for these tutorials!

  4. BoBa 回覆

    wowowowowowowowowowowowoowwowowoowowowowwoowowowwowoowowowowowwoowwowo just wow


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