PHOTOSHOP 中的簡單標誌設計 | Photoshop 教學課程

了解如何在 Photoshop 中創建這個簡單的金屬標誌設計 | 如何在 Photoshop 中設計徽標 | 標誌設計Photoshop教學| Photoshop 標誌設計 | Photoshop 中的標誌 | 標誌設計實例| Photoshop中的簡單標誌設計| 如何在 Photoshop 中建立徽標 | 標誌創意| 標誌教程| 在 Photoshop 中設計標誌| 如何在 Photoshop 中製作徽標 | Photoshop文字標誌設計| Photoshop 標誌模板| 初學者徽標教程 | 基本標誌設計| Photoshop 創意 | Photoshop | Adobe Photoshop | Photoshop 教學 | 深沙阿 | 平面設計| Photoshop 初學者教學 | Photoshop CC 編輯 | Photoshop CS6 下載Photoshop :- 我使用的設備:- 主要筆記型電腦:- 輔助筆記型電腦:- 滑鼠:- 金屬圖像下載連結:- 背景圖像下載連結:- 最終標誌PSD 下載連結:- 相關影片:- 1. Threshold Logo 設計來自Photoshop 中的肖像照片:- 2. 如何在Photoshop 中製作標誌:- 3. Photoshop 中的負空間文字標誌效果:- 4. 如何在Photoshop 中刪除標誌背景:- 5. 從臉部進行銀河標誌設計:- 連結和我一起在 :- 1. Video tutorial :- 2. Video teaching 頁面 :-
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43 thoughts on “PHOTOSHOP 中的簡單標誌設計 | Photoshop 教學課程

  1. {S,A}_CREATION} Reply

    Bro I were think that our logo is too hard but when I watched your video so I am feeling that I am make this logo too god blessing you and thank you so much for this and subscribed ❤

  2. Nicki Reply

    I swear I have a different version of photoshop than everyone else. I dont have most of the options everyone has and I pay for it :/

  3. Eroking 77 Reply

    please editing teks JS BROTHER…….PLEASESSSS

  4. Alicia Isiordia Reply

    Hello, I am about to finish my logo and I got so lost in the deselect option. I have a Mac, I am changing option for "ALT" but I still don't get the behind letter to the front. would you help me here? 🙁

  5. Dominatoruke Reply

    This is a Great Tutorial. Problem I'm having is being able to get an accurate selection because I'm using PS Elements 2022 and it doesn't have the pen tool. Any suggestions of how to get accurate selections in PS Elements 2022?

  6. Decody Reply

    Thank you so much, this was exatly what i was looking for, thanks to you i was able to mak a perfect logo. Wil go over to your channel

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