Photoshop 中的臉部平滑 | 簡單的頻率分離教程

► 訂閱: ———————————————– ———– ————————— 🔴取得即時完整影片、PSD、影像和畫筆: 👉 ► 音樂______________________________________________________ Far Away by Declan DP Licensing協議2.0(閱讀)音頻庫推廣的音樂—————————– ———————– ————————— ———————– ————— ►讓我們聯絡:Video teaching:Learning course:Video tutorial:Google+ :
#Photoshop #中的臉部平滑 #簡單的頻率分離教程

44 thoughts on “Photoshop 中的臉部平滑 | 簡單的頻率分離教程

  1. Don Reply

    This artificial voice is really annoying me. Wonder why it was chosen.

  2. HR computer Reply

    how white convert black. i don't understand. i find white then its not convert to black. i don't know what happen.

  3. Mitchell Reply

    I would like to try this technique. But every time when i try to merge the two copy layers to one layers. It also adds my orginal background layer in one combined layer. I do every thing you say, but it doesn't work. You keep your orginal background layer and I don't. What's wrong?

  4. idegteke Reply

    I used to be a retoucher 20 years ago, and I used an infinitely better and quicker method. I will have to make a video one day, if anyone interested. This method is a joke, sorry.

  5. Fashy1 Reply

    Question, was there anything you did while using the brush that removed spots on her face? Because mine isn't removing spots. Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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