Photoshop 中的產品操作 | 橙汁廣告海報設計| Photoshop教學

大家好,在這個Photoshop產品操作教學中,我將向您展示如何建立飲料廣告| 海報設計| 橙汁操作 請深吸一口氣,抓住滑鼠,按照我的指導,我們只需幾個小步驟即可設計出這張令人驚嘆的海報,請觀看該視頻直到最後,這樣您就不會錯過任何內容。 感謝您的觀看,希望您喜歡這個影片。 圖片連結:追蹤我:Video tutorial Video teaching:#photoshop #productdesign #productmanipulation #manipulation #socialmedia #photoshopmanipulation #photoshopmanipulationtutorial #tutorial #photoshoptutorial #posterdesign #socialmediapostdesign #orangejuice #postermanip.
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29 thoughts on “Photoshop 中的產品操作 | 橙汁廣告海報設計| Photoshop教學

  1. Hartiym Reply

    please continue to add small notes, i'm learning with your videos and they are very useful, thank you

  2. Engy Edward Reply

    One question please. I didn't get what and how you made a selection @1:05. So, would you please clarify the steps as well as shortcuts you used, in detail?

  3. Free Moon Reply

    عمل غير واضح…. لا ينفع لأن الشرح جدا سريع وكذلك الأدوات غير واضحة

  4. Ekyrt Design Reply

    Good day GTT! I am impressed with the result of your design, how ever, can I use your images in the description? and I make my own video so I can upload to my YouTube channel? I am not sure if this method is not possible. but I will make a different version. I look forward to your response. thanks 🙂

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