Photoshop 教學 – 花臉效果

所以今天我們有一些使用Photoshop 的有趣編輯技巧,我希望你喜歡這個視頻:) 訂閱我的頻道以獲取更多教程► Stock Credits Model : Flowers Png : ▽ 關注Intagram ► Video teaching ► 博客► 博客► 你想買我嗎一杯咖啡? 捐款: ▽ 播放清單最新影片 ► 照片處理 ► 修飾與色彩效果 ► 照片效果 ► 感謝觀看。 ____________________ 音樂作者:「Mesmerize」Kevin MacLeod ( 根據知識共享授權:以署名 3.0 許可

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49 thoughts on “Photoshop 教學 – 花臉效果

  1. Joseph Williams Reply

    @rafy a help!!! When i drag the flowers to the model, it brings the checkered background with it. How do i separate the flower pic from its checkered background?

  2. Rebecca Wallent Reply

    I can't get the black shadow effect with the brush! Can someone please help me out?? I try to paint it on and it doesn't show up!

  3. Mohamed Akl Reply

    hi, t=nice tutorial
    I can not make a hue saturation for the face parts layers alone
    once I make hue saturation at the face parts group, it just reduces the hole saturation of all layers below it

  4. Abby Reply

    On my version of photoshop which is the latest, i cant seem to find make selection ok, which then stops me from doing the other steps 🙁

  5. Marco Reply

    Hi! Great tutorial! But why can't i move the half face and the mask at the same time? I can move only one at once

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