Photoshop 初學者必須知道的 13 張照片處理技巧

✅ 下載無限的模板、模型、字型等等! 在此取得 7 天免費試用版:本教學將為 Adob​​e Photoshop 初學者示範 13 張照片處理技巧和技巧。 下載專案檔案:#adobe #photoshop #tutorial #photo #photos #photomanipulation #photography #photoediting 此影片由 Envato Elements 贊助。 ⚡️ 參加 30 分鐘的免費網路研討會,開始使用 Adob​​e Illustrator。 點擊此處:⭐️ 透過 Adob​​e Illustrator 大師班成為一名成功的設計師。 查看課程:享受15% 折扣:✅ 下載無限量的照片、影片、效果、音樂、模型、圖標、字體、畫筆等:❤️ 透過我們的免費音軌獲得更好的睡眠、放鬆並改善您的心理健康:我也掛出來了,過來打個招呼! Learning course:Video tutorial:網站:某些連結可能是由業務支援的產品和平台的附屬連結。 我透過這些來賺錢,這有助於支持該頻道,所以如果您確實使用它們,謝謝您的出色表現!
#Photoshop #初學者必須知道的 #張照片處理技巧

32 thoughts on “Photoshop 初學者必須知道的 13 張照片處理技巧

  1. James Reid VanVoris Reply

    Why soooo complicated with the pen tool? Why not just select subject then deselect the spinner holes with the magic wand tool. Cmd/cntrl-J and layer ready for transfer into the other image. Ready, set, go!!!

  2. August Lundby Reply

    I don't understand. In the beginning you use the path tool. But, it just seems to me like a slower version than the quick selection tool. What's the point?

  3. Pungent Reply

    It certainly is true every designer is different! I have never tried any of the 10 tips from before..there are much quicker ways my friend. However that exposure and the color balance were great tips. I Love the way you explain how textures are used, for a blending option I just use whatever fits at the said time. You got some great tips! I subbed! 🦾💥 #feralaspects google me

  4. KuZo Reply

    You can easily use color matching option in photoshop and play with it , also you are using a more difficult way to do it but nice tutorial

  5. Sergio Reply

    OMG here in brazil this type of content is hard to find , i'm glad to understand english and learning all of it, thanks bro!

  6. Akanbi Usman Reply

    good tutorial. maybe you should calm down in coming videos, you are too fast for a tutorial that says it’s for beginners

  7. Anuranga Wijepala Reply

    Love your honesty and the fact that you directly got into points without unnecessary jabbering :p As a graphic designer, I learned many new tips from this video. Thanks a lot 😁

  8. jihad rahman Reply

    Wonderful video , Good quality, Good content & love you Brother ❤️❤️❤️
    Love From Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️❤️❤️

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