PHOTOSHOP 中的金屬鉻球體 [Tutorial]

]我確實有點倉促,所以如果您有任何疑問,請隨時與我們聯繫。 | 重要| 我忘了在最後提到,如果您打算將其用於其他用途或將其貼到新文件中,則需要渲染 3D 圖層或對其進行柵格化。 環境光源 Domestika 平面設計課程:背景圖片我的 Video tutorial 瞌睡貓,作者:Alejandro Magaña(上午)

#PHOTOSHOP #中的金屬鉻球體 #Tutorial

PHOTOSHOP 中的金屬鉻球體 [Tutorial]” 的26側評論

  1. RiddingInk 回覆

    Adobe is going to be discontinuing support for Dimension and 3D in Photoshop. It really sucks.

    I’ll still be using Photoshop to make 3D objects for now but I’ll start to use Substance 3D Stager for 3D material, textures, patterns, etc. New stuff is coming soon!

  2. 31pm 回覆

    Hi, I don't have access to the filter twirl it is grayed out but I am in 8bits and RVB I don't understand help me please

  3. 라다크 回覆

    Thanks sooooooo much! you helped me a lot. this yellow tinted fotos disturbed me so much but now it is gone.

  4. Aiden Fuller 回覆

    If the inflate isn't working for you or your getting glitches, then you need to use that older version of PhotoShop(22.x). 3D stuff has been mostly discontinued!

    Please pen this!

  5. hi yes 回覆

    3:49 에서 strength를 20percent까지 수정하면 저는 이상한 결과물이 나옵니다… 입체적인 원이 아니라 빛 번짐 같은 모양이… 해결 방법 아시는 분 😅

  6. Rita Osokina 回覆

    Could someone help me, please? I can't edit texture to the material. Did anyone had the same problem? appreciate the help

  7. Ditaiyo 回覆

    another problem i face and dont know if it matters is that when i do the lighting with the light source my canvas is smaller by a lot and i cant make it bigger


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