PicX homepage, documentation and downloads – GitHub API-based picture bed tool – Development details

PicX is a picture bed tool developed based on GitHub API, which provides image upload hosting, image link generation and common image toolbox services.


  • Simple– No download, no installation, no platform, browser online use.
  • free– PicX is built with a clever combination of multiple open source technologies and is completely free.
  • Safety– Sensitive data such as tokens are stored locally on the user’s premises without risk of leakage.


  • supportdrag and drop,copy and paste,Select a documentetc. to select pictures
  • support imagesRename,hashing(make sure the image name is unique) andset naming prefix
  • supportUpload images in bulk,Batch delete picturesandBatch copy image links
  • Support image bedmulti-level directoryManagement (creating multi-level directories/viewing pictures in multi-level directories)
  • supportone-click copyimage link andFreely convert Markdown / HTML format
  • built-inMultiple image link rules(Staticaly, jsDelivr, ChinaJsDelivr, etc.)
  • supportConfigure custom image link rules
  • supportImage Compression(Built-in high-efficiency compression algorithm, can be configured to automatically compress before uploading)
  • supportdark mode(free switching/automatic switching)
  • supportPWAs
  • support configurationimage watermark
  • i18n

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