Open5GS Homepage, Documentation and Download- Open Source 5G Core Network- Development details

Open5GS is an implementation of an open source 5G core network. Open5GS includes a series of software components and network functions to realize the core functions of 4G/5G NSA and 5G SA.

Open5GS 5G SA Core includes the following functions:

  • NRF – NF Repository Function
  • SCP – Service Communication Proxy
  • AMF – Access and Mobility Management Function
  • SMF – Session Management Function
  • UPF – User Plane Function
  • AUSF – Authentication Server Function
  • UDM – Unified Data Management
  • UDR – Unified Data Repository
  • PCF – Policy and Charging Function
  • NSSF – Network Slice Selection Function
  • BSF – Binding Support Function

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