JavaGPT homepage, documentation and downloads – Java GUI interfaced with ChatGPT API – Development details

JavaGPT is a Java GUI that interfaces with the ChatGPT API.


  • chat stream

    • Just like a website, responses are generated in real time
    • You can abort the response while it is in progress

  • chat record

    • View and interact with previous chats
    • Save chat records as .json for external modification and viewing
    • Accessible via the “Load Chat” button

  • chat title

    • Automatically generate titles, such as the ChatGPT website
    • Chats can be named manually

  • resume chat

    • Ability to cancel previous chat prompts and replies
    • you can restore multiple times

  • HTML viewer

    • View your chat content in HTML format
    • Support Markdown language syntax

  • Import premade prompts
  • Save chat history to file
  • Supports ChatGPT 4 and 3.5 models
  • Cross-platform

Configuration example

model=gpt-3.5-turbo		#Model used for ChatGPT Client (Supported Models: gpt-4, gpt-3.5-turbo, etc) > All supported models here ""
maxTokens=1024			#Max ammount of tokens allowed per ChatGPT API request
timeout=30			#Adjust allowed wait time for prompt response from ChatGPT API
autosave=true			#Adjust wether chats will save automatically (Necessary for chat history to work properly)
autotitle=true			#Adjusts wether new chats will automatically generate file name titles based on the context of the chat
autoscroll=true			#Adjusts wether chat will scroll as new text is added
EnterToSubmit=true		#Adjusts wether the Enter key should be used to submit or to create new lines
chat_location_override=		#Overrides default "chat_history" folder path (Original path is set to the location of the jar file on runtime)
WindowSize=			#Adjusts JFrame (Window) size. Options: small,medium,large (Set to "medium" by default)
Theme=dark			#Themes JFrame (Window) to set config. Options: dark,light


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