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Razix is ​​a high performanceCross-platform 2D and 3D game engine with support for multiple rendering APIs (OpenGL, Vulkan DirectX 11, GXM, GCM, GNM and GNMX), with special emphasis on scene optimization and implementation of state-of-the-art rendering techniques, with an emphasis on experimenting with different rendering techniques.

Razix supports Windows, Mac, Linux, PSVita and PS3 systems.

WARNING: Razix is ​​currently a work in progress, the renderer is undergoing a major design and overhaul and is not ready for use yet.

  • Supports Windows, Linux, macOS, PSVita and PS3 systems.
  • Supports OpenGL, Vulkan DirectX 11, GXM, GCM.
  • Framegraph based on EA’s frostbite engine (currently code-driven)
  • 3D audio using OpenAL.
  • Full deferred pipeline + unbound resources + nano-like renderer (future support for customizable render graph editor for full control).
  • Level editor and tools built with QT
  • Multiple physics engine support.
  • 3D physics using Jolt.
  • Basic lua scripting support for entities.
  • Extremely detailed analysis is possible using Tracy, RenderDoc and Razor, which are deeply integrated into the engine system.
  • Custom animation and state machine engine
  • Supports GLSL, HLSL shading languages ​​to create custom materials + custom Raziz Shaders files for easy compilation
  • Asset Stream Pipelines and Custom Asset Formats
  • Data Driven Pipeline Architecture
  • customizeRazix STLandRazix memory

Razix also provides a rich set of GUI and command linetooland editors for various purposes, such as

V 1.0.0 – RC

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