GeekDesk Homepage, Documentation and Downloads- Desktop Quick Start Tool- Development details

GeekDesk is a small and beautiful desktop quick start management tool, and it also integrates Everything search.

Integrate Everything to quickly search all files

  • 2.5.14 and later versions integrate the Everything function

Global hotkey one-key exhalation mouse follow

  • Customize the hotkey settings and use the shortcut keys you are used to
  • One-click exhalation Use the middle mouse button to exhale
  • Mouse Follow automatically follows the mouse position


custom wallpaper

  • Feel free to choose your favorite wallpaper


Frosted glass and other interface effects

  • Background picture frosted glass effect
  • interface transparency
  • Interface fillet


Customize menu icons

  • More than 80 system icons to choose from
  • It also supports online import of Alibaba icon icons
  • Due to space reasons, reply in the official account custom icon You can view the tutorial Now the tutorial link has been pasted in the software, and everyone is welcome to pay attention to my official account😊

Timing Reminder Never Forget

  • Shortcut keys to quickly create a new to-do item


Development Framework

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