blendOS Homepage, Documentation and Downloads – Arch Based Hybrid Distribution – Development details

blendOS is a rolling distribution based on Arch Linux, which can automatically install software from supported distributions (Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu) into containers, and also provides Android applications and web applications running out of the box.

blendOS provides two desktop environments, GNOME and KDE Plasma, and is committed to enjoying all software in one operating system. Users can enjoy the following software in blendOS:

Apps from any distribution

Direct use of applications from Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu repositories

Use the package manager directly

Software can be installed from a single blendOS shell using package managers such as apt, dnf-3, pacman, and yay

use the android app

Android apps can be installed from app stores like F-Droid and Aurora Store, run like native Linux apps out of the box, and even use NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate Android apps.

use web apps

Just use blendOS as a web OS and install and use web apps like desktop apps.

We are happy to announce the new stable release of blendOS

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