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Wasp (Web Aapplications Specification) It is a full-stack web framework similar to Rails, using React, Node.js and Prisma, and the application can be deployed to any platform through the built-in CLI tool.


  • Quick start:You can create and deploy production-ready web applications from scratch with just a few lines of clean, consistent declarative code.
  • No boilerplate:Less boilerplate code by abstracting out complex full-stack functionality. This means less code to maintain and understand, and easier upgrades.
  • No lock-in:You can deploy Wasp applications anywhere you like. Not locked into specific providers, you have full control over the code (check it out in the .wasp/ directory if you’re interested).


  • Full Stack Certification:Use powerful UI helpers to add social provider logins or emails in a few lines of code. No third-party vendor lock-in.
  • RPC (Client <-> Server):Wasp provides a type-safe RPC layer that instantly transfers your data model and server logic to the client.
  • Simple deployment:Deploy your application to any platform. Wasp provides CLI helpers for the most popular options.
  • jobs:Easily define, schedule and run specialized server tasks. Durable, retryable, deferrable.
  • Email to:youAll you have to do is connect to your email provider, and you’re ready to send emails.
  • Full stack type safety:Full support for TypeScript and auto-generated types across the entire stack.
  • as well asCustom API routing, database seeding, optimistic updates, automatic client-side cache invalidation…

At the core is the Wasp compiler, which takes a Wasp configuration and your Javascript code and outputs client application, server application, and deployment code.

working principle

sample code

// file: main.wasp

app todoApp {
  title: "ToDo App",  // visible in the browser tab
  wasp: { version: "^0.10.0" },
  auth: { // full-stack auth out-of-the-box
    userEntity: User, methods: { email: {...} }

route RootRoute { path: "/", to: MainPage }
page MainPage {
  authRequired: true, // Limit access to logged in users.
  component: import Main from "@client/Main.tsx" // Your React code.

query getTasks {
  fn: import { getTasks } from "@server/tasks.js", // Your Node.js code.
  entities: [Task] // Automatic cache invalidation.

entity Task {=psl  // Your Prisma data model.
    id          Int     @id @default(autoincrement())
    description String
    isDone      Boolean @default(false)

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