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The vlife platform is an open source model-driven low-code rapid development platform, based on the rapid development framework of SpringBoot+React, which separates the front and back ends. It consists of core components and permission management scaffolding (vlife-admin) application.

address view

front end

  • The front end is developed with React, TS4, tailwindcss, Hooks, Semi, and functional components.
  • Implement a form designer using formily.
  • Use ahooks a high-quality and reliable React Hooks library
  • Use wangeditor for rich text editing
  • Use react-grid-layout for component page draggable layout

rear end

  • The backend is developed with Spring Boot, queryDSL, Spring Security & Jwt
  • Use Javapoet to generate server-side code
  • Support multiple login methods (verification code login, password login)
  • Support loading dynamic permission menu, control menu permission, button permission, data permission.
  • High-efficiency development, use the code generator to generate front-end and back-end codes with one click.
  • All complex CRUD codes are fully encapsulated on the basis of QueryDsl.

platform architecture

logical architecture

core competence

  • 📦 Ready to use out of the box, comprehensively improve front-end and front-end research and development efficiency
  • 📦 The core underlying code is open source, secondary development and private deployment are unlimited
  • 📡 The permission management scaffolding system supporting the platform can be used as the skeleton application of most management systems
  • 🏷 Automatically generate front-end and back-end codes based on model type definition
  • 🎨 Write the model to complete the front-end and back-end functions, and personalization can be done in combination with the form designer
  • 📋 Full coverage of open interfaces for complex data operations such as multi-table query, cascading save and delete

function display

form design component

One-click synchronous generation of front-end code

Model management and maintenance

Permission resource synchronization import management

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