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Anonymous Chat Room is an open-source web chat software, based on livekit and Next.js anonymous chat room, which can conduct text and voice chat, and supports voice recording.


Online experience address:

This demo useslivekit cloudThe free service will automatically stop when the free quota (50G traffic per month) is exceeded


  • The deployment is simple, the front-end supports direct deployment to vercel, and the back-end can be used directlylivekit cloudfree service, you can also follow theofficial documentSelf built
  • Support video, voice chat (only voice is allowed by default), no need to log in
  • Support text chat, you can also use emoji
    • Support emoji expression search
    • Support more message types, such as pictures, videos
  • Support browser to directly record microphone, speaker and screen (Chrome,Edgecan fully support,safariSpeaker recording is not supported)
  • Latency test – the current version implementation is very simple
  • set room password
  • The front end can choose to use multiple apikeys, and select available entries by polling
  • Optimize mobile display – works |good| excellent

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