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Font Custom generates cross-browser ICON fonts and supporting files from SVG collections using the command line.


needRuby 1.9.3+ ,WOFF2 with a Python scriptFont Forge .

# On Mac
brew tap bramstein/webfonttools
brew update
brew install woff2

brew install fontforge --with-python
brew install eot-utils
gem install fontcustom

# On Linux
sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev fontforge
git clone sfnt2woff-zopfli && cd sfnt2woff-zopfli && make && mv sfnt2woff-zopfli /usr/local/bin/sfnt2woff
git clone --recursive && cd woff2 && make clean all && sudo mv woff2_compress /usr/local/bin/ && sudo mv woff2_decompress /usr/local/bin/
gem install fontcustom

Note on Windows:

  1. Install fontforge:

  • Install to a path without spaces, e.g. c:\FontForgeBuilds
  • At the end of the installer, check the “Run fontforge” box and it does some setup.

  1. Add the installation path to your system PATH variable (c:\FontForgeBuilds\bin)
  2. open a new fontforge -helpcommand prompt and test it.
  3. gem install fontcustom

quick start

fontcustom compile my/vectors  # Compiles icons into `fontcustom/`
fontcustom watch my/vectors    # Compiles when vectors are changed/added/removed
fontcustom compile             # Uses options from `./fontcustom.yml` or `config/fontcustom.yml`
fontcustom config              # Generate a blank a config file
fontcustom help                # See all options


To manage settings between compilations, runfontcustom configto generate a configuration file. There you will find a list of all options.

Each option can also be used as a dash command-line flag that overrides the configuration file (e.g. --css-selector).

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