Lightweight, asynchronous key-value storage engine KipDB

KipDB lightweight key-value storage engine. The overall design refers to LevelDB, which aims to serve as the storage engine of the NewSQL distributed database to support multiple application scenarios such as embedded/stand-alone storage/remote call. Kiss is used as the development concept, and the design is simple and efficient. MVCC is implemented to support ACID high performance, BenchMark The write throughput is about twice that of Sled, and the average latency of sequential reading under large amounts of data is about 1 μs. Remote connections are implemented using ProtoBuf, which supports multi-language communication. Minimal memory usage (standby/large amount of cold data) Concurrency security, Read, read and write parallel component principle Wiki: https://github…

#Lightweight #asynchronous #keyvalue #storage #engine #KipDB


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