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LinwinSploit is a penetration testing framework written in Python, Java, Linux Shell, and Javascript. It is suitable for a collection of Web Trojan horses and operating system Trojan horse penetration tools under domestic operating systems and Linux operations. It has fast operation, simple use, and efficient intrusion functions. Support penetration control on Android, windows, Linux and Web.Designed for black hat hackers to infiltrate, but also for individuals and organizations to learn from the code

[注意] This penetration testing software is designed in full compliance with criminal law standards, improper use may lead to prison


Who is LinwinSploit suitable for?

  1. Programming language beginners (Java or Python, in fact, Js is also possible)
  2. black hat hacker
  3. White hat hacking test
  4. Cyber ​​Security Learner
  5. conduct cybersecurity testers

install library

    # 首先安装Linux软件库
    apt install `cat ./linux_lib.txt`

Install the python library

    pip install `cat ./py_lib.txt`

start up


Linux environment

The default configuration is fine

Android Termux environment

 python3 # 进入
 LinwinSploit-1.1 > config     		# 输入 config
 LinwinSploit-1.1 (Config) $ 1     	# 输入 1
 					# 输入 {java} ,使用这条命令,必须预先安装 jdk 环境
 					# 输入 4 退出配置控制台,完成

LinwinSploit Trojan Penetration Platform

	1. Web Browser	 		(浏览器)
	2. Linux   			    (64位系统)
	3. Windows 			    (x64 64位系统)

	4. Jvm				    Java虚拟机
	5. Python VM			Python虚拟机

built-in module

    |-LinwinSploit Attack Payload-|

    1. linux/amd64/trojan_virus         Linux Deb install package
    2. linux/amd64/crash_virus          Linux Shell Script
    3. windows/cmd/crash_virus      	Windows cmd crash virus.
    4. program/python/trojan_virus      make a .py file amd run with python runtime
    5. program/java/trojan_virus        make a jar file and run with java runtime
    6. web/attack/trojan_virus          use web page or javascript control Browser
    7. web/attack/crash_virus           crash virus in web.
    8. post/proxy/server                Hide attacks through proxy servers.
    9. web/social/web_terminal          Start a Port and run Web Terminal.
    10. post/http/server		Start a http port.

Use third-party open source software

    1. pyinstxtractor
    2. openLinwin-ProxyService

About LinwinSploit

fast learning

Document link:

thank you

  1. LinwinCloud (real person)
  2. zmh-program (real person)
  3. ChatGPT (Computer)
  4. LinwinSoft Team (group)

about communication

  1. This software allows open source or sales through secondary development.
  2. If secondary development or secondary sales are required, the original author of the software must be indicated: LinwinSoft (

About responsibility

  1. The author of this product does not make any promises and responsibilities for any actions of users
  2. responsible for everything

This product is free and open source

Believe in the power of open source

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