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PRemoteM is a modern remote session manager and launcher that allows you to quickly start a remote session at any time. Currently PRemoteM supports Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), VNC, SSH, Telnet, SFTP, FTP, RemoteApp and other protocols.


  • Support RDP, SSH, VNC, Telnet, (S)FTP, RemoteApp, NoMachine and external program embedding
  • Fast and convenient remote session launcher (Alt + M), supports pinyin retrieval of Chinese characters
  • Third-party tools that support RDP multi-monitor remote management. (test based on Win10 + 4k monitor*2 remote to Win2016)
  • Support detailed configuration: such as tags, icons, script execution before and after connection, etc. (such as SSH automatically executes make after opening the compilation server, and exits SSH after compilation is completed)
  • Multilingual, themed, detachable user interface
  • Migrate sessions from mRemoteNG
  • Sensitive data protection based on RSA
  • The launcher can be customized. In protocols such as sFTP and VNC, you can replace the built-in programs with your favorite programs. wiki
  • Green No need to install – the Exe version can be downloaded and unpacked, no installation is required


System Requirements

quick start

  1. Run PRemoteM.exe.

  2. Click the “+” button to add remote server information

  3. default shortcut key Alt + m Open the quick launcher, type a keyword and hit enter to start a remote session

↑ Quick Launcher (Alt + M) to open Remote Desktop

↑ Automatically execute commands after tab separation and SSH connection

↑ Remote Desktop Multi-Monitor Full Screen Mode

↑ RemoteApp via RDP

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