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Misskey is an open-source, decentralized social media platform that was started in 2014 by Japan’s syuilo and is still under active development. It has rich functions,Such as Drive or Reactions and very high UI customizability.

The name “Misskey” comes from a song called “Brain Diver” by May’n, a band syuilo once heard.


  • ActivityPub support
    Not on Misskey? no problem! Not only can Misskey instances talk to each other, but they can also make friends with people on other networks like Mastodon and Pixelfed!
  • Reactions
    You can add emoji reactions to any post! No longer bound by the “Like” button, show everyone how you really feel with just a tap of a button.
  • drive
    With Misskey’s built-in drive, you get cloud storage in social media where you can upload any file, create folders, and find media from your published posts!
  • Rich Web UI
    Misskey has a rich and easy-to-use web UI! It is highly customizable, from changing the layout and adding widgets to making custom themes. Furthermore, plugins can be created using the native programming language AiScript.
  • and more…

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