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Mindolph is an open source personal knowledge base management software that supports multiple platforms.


  • Multiple workspaces can be created to manage your files. And since the files are stored on your local storage, you have complete control over them compared to cloud-based solutions.
  • The workspace uses a tree-like directory structure to organize files.
  • Multi-tab pages open files instead of single-file windows, making it easy to switch back and forth between multiple files.
  • Support mind map (*.mmd), Markdown(*.md), PlantUML(*.puml), CSV table (*.csv) and plain text (*.txt) and other file formats, and more formats will be supported in the future.
  • Markdown and PlantUML code editor syntax highlighting and instant preview features.
  • Quickly navigate and open files, and search for files containing specified content in any folder.
  • mind Mapping:

    • Support shortcut keys to easily edit mind maps.
    • You can freely set the style of each element of the mind map.
    • Support adding notes, file links, web page links, pictures and emoticons in the map.
    • Supports importing from mind map files in other formats, including: Freemind, Mindmup, XMind, Coggle, Novamind.
    • Export to other file formats, including: Freemind, Markdown, AsciiDoc, png/svg images, etc.

  • PlantUML:

    • Live preview of results while editing.
    • Template and code snippet helpers help you type quickly.
    • Export as jpg picture or ascii picture.

  • markdown

    • Live preview of results while editing.
    • Export as PDF or HTML file.

  • CSV form

    • Visually display and edit csv files.

  • Supports a variety of desktop operating systems, including macOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Various other functions.

Mindolph was inspired by netbeans-mmd-plugin project, but Mindolph is developed based on JavaFX and provides more enhanced functions for you to easily edit and manage your knowledge.


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