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e2b (english2bits) is an IDE powered by AI agents. Developers write documentation to describe what they want to build. Then let an AI agent with access to the tool do the coding.

e2b or etob (english2bits) is a new development environment driven by artificial intelligence. The main idea is that developers have access to AI agents that can use tools. Developers write short documents or technical specifications in plain English, and then let AI agents do the real work. AI agents have access to tools for writing files, running code, running commands, installing dependencies, deploying, and more.Agents are in a secure sandboxed cloud environment powered by Firecrackerrun. For example, you can describe what a server route should do and the proxy will encode it for you.For details, see AI Agent Coding Stripe Customer Checkout According to Technical Specificationsexample.


  • BYOM -Bring Your Own Model
  • BYOP -Bring Your Own Prompt
  • BYOT -Bring Your Own Tools

The development team stated that they believe that the AI-powered IDE of the future should be open source, allowing anyone to bring their models, customize prompts, and develop custom tools for agents. But they also plan to offer a cloud version,It includes some post-subscription features.


  • GPT-4 access (support for more and custom models coming soon)
  • Docker
  • Node.js 16+
  • Yarn
  • Python 3.10+
  • Poetry 1.3.2+

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